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Get your Switch Digital card. Your Switch app lets you store, send, spend and more. Your Switch digital card can be used at more than 50 million merchants worldwide. Get started today!

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Digital Card Features & Benefits

  • €10 Registration Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Load Fees
  • €1,700 Daily Spending Limit
  • €.20 Per Transaction Fee
  • Includes KYC
  • Includes Loyalty Program
  • Includes Rewards Program

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Switch Digital is fast and easy to get set up. Follow the simple onboarding process, make a deposit and get shopping. Switch Digital is accepted at more than 5 million merchants world wide. Yeah! It's that easy.


Waiting is so yesterday...

That whole process—convert, wait... withdraw... wait... and spend. That's so yesterday. With Switch digital you can instantly convert and spend anywhere around the world. Waiting is so yesterday. Get started today!

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Black Card

Enjoy the freedom, luxury, and the exclusive features that only the Switch Black Card can provide. Switch and spend using your Switch Black Visa Debit card at more than 50 million merchants around the world. A €3,400 daily spending limit means you can do what you want, when you want, and wherever you want. The Black Card offers double reward points. You will also enjoy personalized service from our world-class support team wherever you are in the world.

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Blue Card

The Switch Blue Card offers the ultimate freedom.  The €1,700 daily spending limit means you can get life done with ease. Switch Blue features the on tap convenience of Apple Pay or Google Pay. Simplify life with auto pay with Switch Blue Card.

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Finally, a debit card built for the way you live your life.

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